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    Book Endorsement


    By: Rev. Billy Spivey, Ordained Minister


    Pearls on The Wings is an encouraging guide for today to that can benefit every Christian, wherever their walk with God has led them.  It is also a guide for those who seek a deeper walk with God.  I believe this was inspired to draw souls to Christ in testimony of His power and mercy.  Pearls on The Wings is very much needed at this time of trouble and confusion.

    I have known the author, Carnel Baker and her family for twenty-four years.  She grew up in a Godly family on a small farm and began her walk with God at age twelve.  She became passionate about Matt. Chapter 6 and came to believe it was the answer for an empowered life of provision.  In pursuing that path, as described to seek God first, Carnel came face to face with the spirit of truth in the Holy Spirit.  This revelation brought a new way of living life for Carnel that she shares in Pearls on The Wings.  Her life changed from struggle to miraculous blessings.  A few of these miraculous events and visions are shared in Pearls on The Wings.

     Rev. Billy Spivey,

    Ordained Minister