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    By: Carnel Baker, PhD.

    For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. Psalms 91:11

                  Angels are truly among us and we can experience them!  In seeking God, He sends angels: winged, walking, spirit angels, and human angels.  We can see them!  We can hear them!  He helps us become aware of angels.  Pearls on The Wings shares true personal experience with angels.

                  If/when we do not perceive angels, it does not mean they are not there in their dimension.  However, angels are so much a part of our lives and one may encounter an angel at any time.  Since the angel manifestation in my yard, when my husband lay dying a few years ago, as told in Pearls On The Wings Chapter IX, my experience of angels have increased that I explain in book. They gather here: around us in out world, in heavenly places. As our world is becoming increasingly demanding, it seems urgent for God-knowing, God-seeking individuals to learn and practice deeper awareness that can help us!  Notice I said practice awareness, I did not say seek angels.  In seeking God, may increase the chance for a God-willed angel appearance.  Some tend to believe they only appear during a crisis or life-threatening situation.  This is not true!  God also sends angels for protection, provision and any need we may have.

                 Angel encounter did not pass on or away with some other dispensation of time.  Accounts trail from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, history, and today.  You can find historical accounts of our founding fathers that had experience of angels.  Biblical accounts of angels are not shadowy figures where there was wonder if they seen or heard anything!  Often they talked and appeared in the physical as ordinary people. You know, we read the Bible, we go to church, and we do Bible studies, hopefully to learn how to live our lives. Then why do we think it strange if an angel appears before us, when we read of so much interaction between man and angel in the book we study!  New Testament scripture tells us to be kind to strangers, that we never know when we may be entertaining an angel!  (Heb. 13:2)  This signifies that an angel can take on human form, as was one of my own referenced experience. Scripture mention of angels include: ministering, protection, ruling, helping, guarding (guardian angels), higher angels of wisdom, knowledge, revelation interpretation, vision and dream assistance.  Angels not only provided information, but physical things as well.  For example, it is written that when Elijah was lying asleep by a juniper tree, an angel woke him and had a cake on the coals and told him to eat!  Does it make sense that angels would appear only certain times in history?  No, it is our society and man’s ideas that change.  For I am the Lord, I do not change. (Malachi 3:6)….and He said He sends angels to guard us and keep us! (Ps. 91:11) Angels instruct, warn, protect and provide helpful information.  Angels and heavenly beings are as real and you and I!  Actually, they are more real: their presence is much stronger than the presence of a person.  In that, I am relating my experience and what I have come to know about angels.  Scripture confirms again that Angels Gather Here in telling us to be kind to strangers, that we may not know when we are entertaining an angel.

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                I have found that heavenly beings live among us if we can receive it!  These are pearls some may trample on, but others will find and share pearls of their own!  Nourished wheat will grow strong and upright: overcoming the tares that want to take over the wheat.  (Matt. 13:24-30)

                No matter how much angel encounter we have or how amazing it is, we must be careful to not seek angels. We seek God and He may send an angel. After all, He said, "For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."  We must not pray to angels, or worship angels.  I believe that is where a lot of people get in trouble. There is an enormous amount of scriptures to refer to about angels; therefore interested individuals can find much scripture reading on angels. Scripture reading concerning angels and where angels interact with persons can be found in Genesis, Exodus, 1st Kings, Nehemiah, Psalm, Hebrews, Samuel, Matthew, Thessalonians, Numbers, 1st Chronicles, Daniel, Luke, and Acts. 

                We tend to think of angels as far away “out there in heaven” that occasionally flies to us in various needs.  The truth is angels are all around us.  Angels and heavenly beings fill our space.  Pearls On The Wings can help people become aware of angels!  Angels, unlike God, are not an integral part of us, therefore they grace our environment.  You might say angels are here to help, work, and play along beside us.  Never deny that God sends angels if you have not experience one because you would be in denial of His word in the Bible. I do believe that God is releasing many more of His angels  for the turbulent times we live in.

                Have you wondered why angels appear, but Jesus rarely appears in physical form? First, according to scripture, God said He sends angels.  Second, Jesus physical form is not necessary because He is within us.  He is an integral part of us as mentioned earlier.  He dwells within.  Therefore, He sends angels for help and assistance in the physical.  Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father are an integral part of us and rarely appear to us in physical form, but angels and heavenly beings are not an integral part of us. Angels do not dwell within us.  Although we rarely see Jesus in physical form, we see signs and wonders of Him.  We recognize His presence. His sheep hear His voice.  (John 10:3)

                Angels help and comfort us in the natural realm by changing circumstances.  They also cause supernatural manifestation for help and assistance.  Simply, they are sent to do supernatural things that we can’t do. I have seen that they want to get involved in our daily lives.  They are ministering spirits of God and here to help us physically! (Heb. 1:14) The Holy Spirit has “a different job” of comforting from within, as in grief.  His help is to strengthen us, bring inner wisdom, and be an intercessor.  He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. 2 Peter 1:3.  When we embrace the angels, we will see more heavenly things happen supernaturally on earth as in heaven.

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