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    Healing the Wounded Spirit
 sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Proverbs 15:13

         A wounded spirit is one which has been hurt, smitten, broken or injured.  An unexpected interruption in our lives can lead to a wounded spirit.  Also it can be inherited! There is much to say about the cause, the severity, and the healing.  It is an attack upon a person’s God-given identity!

         Persons with a wounded spirit can experience confusion, chaos, insecurity, and out-of-control emotions.  They can become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted.  They will probably experience one or more of the following:  regret, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, and fear.   Dr. Carnel Baker works to identify the cause of the wounded spirit for freedom, healing, and wholeness.  You can return to joy and happiness!  Your Wounded Spirit can be healed! Read Pearls on The Wings and you will see people just like you!......and how they overcame.

    If you feel you need counsel, see the procedure for counsel below:

    (1)    Contact Us and give a brief description of your need.

    (2)    Your request will be review and a reply will be sent.

    (3)    Please know Dr. Baker cannot accept everyone for counsel, due to time constraints.   However, if we schedule you for an appointment many are finding that only one session shows significant improvement or “problem solved!”  Read my new book Pearls on the Wings and you will see why.  God is dynamic!

    (4)    In any case, with or without an appointment, a reply is sent and you will be prayed for.

    Only serious contacts please.  Time is of essence: dedicated to those in need.

    “inasmuch as you did it to others, you did it to Me.”  Matt. 25:40

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