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    A few BOOK REVIEWS and Endorsements

            I found Pearls on The Wings to be indeed uplifting and inspirational. I want to comment on the story titled “The Angel Shoes,” in Chapter IX (Divine Manifestations). The author relates her God-experience while walking by the ocean on the beach. It was awesome! Better still, it helped me appreciate the natural beauty and power of God in depths I had never though of. It helped me relate my own life to ever changing circumstances, and encouraged the purpose. The author, Carnel Baker paints pictures through inspirational writing that draws you into purpose of your own life. The way she describes the sea shells as gifts of the sea, I could see how that relates to life gifts of God along the way that I had never realized: Some full of dazzling colors and beauty, and some being sharp and painful, but always being God’s way of help. I could better see how we have to experience what seems like the negative as well as the positive to enjoy the complete facets of life and it’s creator. The inspired ocean story and experience brought me to clearly see how we sometimes “accidentally” venture a little farther in life (on the beach, as the story goes), than we intended. However, God in His mercy always provides a way back, whether it be through our own means or sending an angel to help us through. Pearls on The Wings and especially the ocean story was definitely MY angel shoes.

    Gary Gullick                                                                                                                                   Jacksboro, TX.



    The author of Pearls on The Wings begins with personal experience in how God miraculously showed up and lifted her up during tragedy to a new reality. Her touching short stories deliver uplifting endings to example how we too can hear from God and receive God’s supernatural help. She uncovers pearls for prosperity hidden in scripture and guidance that is awesome and works! This book does not leave you hanging in void of your own experience with God, as her suggestions have been very helpful and effective for me. After reading this book, I am indeed inspired and encouraged. I think this book is awesome and I highly recommend it.  

    Carolyn Hagen                                                                                                                                   Coppell, TX.                                                                                                               .



    I found this book to be truly sincere and uplifting. Dr. Baker took us through the tragedies of her life, and showed us that that with Jesus on our side, there are no limits. Angels walk with us all, we just have to look for those "Angel Shoes" and realize how blessed we truly are. Pearls On The Wings is an awesome, uplifting, and spiritually touched accounting of God's love for His people.  

    Donna Adair                                                                                                                                                                    West, TX.


            I bought Pearls On The Wings and it is wonderful. My husband is in the last stages of cancer. I read the Bible but I was needing something more. I believe God directed me to the book. I have known the author since childhood and thank her so much for sharing, especially the chapter on grief, I really needed it. 

    Jan Edge                                                                                                                                                                                            Boswell, Okla.




            Pearls on The Wings is an encouraging guide for today to that can benefit every Christian, wherever their walk with God has led them. It is also a guide for those who seek a deeper walk with God. I believe this was inspired to draw souls to Christ in testimony of His power and mercy. Pearls on The Wings is very much needed at this time of trouble and confusion.

    I have known the author, Carnel Baker and her family for twenty-four years. She grew up in a Godly family on a small farm and began her walk with God at age twelve. She became passionate about Matt. Chapter 6 and came to believe it was the answer for an empowered life of provision. In pursuing that path, as described to seek God first, Carnel came face to face with the spirit of truth in the Holy Spirit. This revelation brought a new way of living life for Carnel that she shares in Pearls on The Wings. Her life changed from struggle to miraculous blessings. A few of these miraculous events and visions are shared in Pearls on The Wings. 

    Rev. Billy Spivey, Ordained Minister