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    About The Author

    1.  A Brief Bio.

    Carnel Baker, PhD. has been professionally helping people overcome obstacles for decades. Dr. Baker takes a fresh approach to enable a deeper integration of spiritual meaning that moves people forward beyond only secular counseling to a successful fulfilled life of happiness, productivity, and prosperity and to a higher state of being and living.

    Carnel helps enable individuals to be set free in struggles of hopelessness, grief, emotional and spiritual issues, loneliness, conflicts, regrets, defeat, and stress in all types of loss including financial: where in turn they can help others. She is inspired and passionate about her publication Pearls on The Wings and about helping others discover their own pearls!

    Dr. Baker holds a PhD. in counseling, with Clinical training from Harvard Medical School. In addition she holds a doctorate in Christian Therapy.  She is engaged in counseling ministry, teaching, speaking, training, and writing. Carnel relates that her most valued education and experience is in the experience and encounters of God and her relationship with Him and with others.

    The mother of two sons and grandmother of three, Dr. Baker’s joy is her relationship with God, family, and friends.  She enjoys spending time in nature, work/ministry, and seeing people excel in work, play, and in their goals.


    2. Experience:

    1996:  Following years of a successful licensed practice in traditional counseling and therapy, Carnel pursued further education of Christian focus.  From experience, Carnel knew psychology was not the ultimate and complete answer for her patients.  Personal experience in Christ and The Holy Spirit, coupled with study, research, and prayer, prepared the way to help others in Christian therapy.  She was awarded a certification as a board certified pastoral counselor in 1996.

    1997:  Carnel established The CARE Counseling Center where she merged her licensed practice with faith-based care, clinical care and counseling.

    1998:   While providing counseling work at CARE, she became president elect of the Commission on Religious Counseling where she served from 1998-2000.

    2000:  Carnel served as adjunct professor and academic advisor for a consortium of higher education Institutions for three years.

    Career focus of Carnel is counseling ministry, teaching, speaking, training, and writing.  Carnel is a member of the American Association of Christian Therapist and serves as a Board Certified Diplomat.



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