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10/15/2013 | : 48531

Hey, just wanted to tell those who have been waiting for my new book to be available on ... Read More

Book Review:
10/4/2013 | : 14244

Book Review: I found Pearls on The Wings to be indeed uplifting and inspirational.  ... Read More

    Book Review:

    Book Review: I found Pearls on The Wings to be indeed uplifting and inspirational.  I want to comment on the story  titled  “The Angel Shoes,”  in Chapter IX (Divine Manifestations).  The author relates her God-experience while walking by the ocean on the beach.  It was awesome!  Better still, it helped me appreciate the natural beauty and power of God in depths I had never though of.  It helped me relate my own life to ever changing circumstances, and encouraged the purpose.  The author, Carnel Baker paints pictures through inspirational writing that draws you into purpose of your own life. The way she describes the sea shells as gifts of the sea, I could see how that relates to life gifts of God along the way that I had never realized: Some full of dazzling colors and beauty, and some being sharp and painful, but always being God’s way of help.  I could better see how we have to experience what seems like the negative as well as the positive to enjoy the complete facets of life and it’s creator.  The inspired ocean story and experience brought me to clearly see how we sometimes “accidentally” venture a little farther in life (on the beach, as the story goes), than we intended.  However, God in His mercy always provides a way back, whether it be through our own means or sending an angel to help us through.  Pearls on The Wings and especially the ocean story was definitely MY angel shoes.

    Gary Gullick

    Jacksboro, TX.